Covid-19 Safety Measures

As we begin to reopen music lessons at home, we are asking everyone (students, parents and teachers) to please follow the COVID-19 Safety Measures listed below. Let's learn, stay safe and work together.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Firefly Music Lessons

1. Pre-Screening

  • We recommend that teachers, students and parents take a COVID-19 self-assessment test, ex. the Ontario Government’s COVID-19 Screening Tool, before the teacher enters each household.
    • Government of Ontario, COVID-19 Screening Tool: link
    • Printable COVID-19 self-assessment instruction materials are attached to this document.
  • In the event that a teacher, student or parent are symptomatic, and/or have been advised by Public Health to self-isolate, we ask the teacher to not enter the household and recommend that the lesson either be conducted online, postponed to a later date or cancelled.

2. Facilitating Personal Hygiene

  • We recommend thorough and frequent hand hygiene for teachers, parents and students. We wish to emphasize this practice especially prior to the beginning of each lesson and/or upon the teacher entering the household.
  • Hand washing requires frequent and thorough washing with soap and water (lather, rub, scrub, and rinse) for at least 20 seconds, or minimum 60% alcohol hand sanitizer.

3. Physical Distancing

  • We recommend a minimum of 2 metres between teachers, parents and students at all times. It is important to the reduce the number of individuals in the room to which the lesson will be held to a minimum. This is true for indoor and outdoor lessons.
  • When 2 meters cannot be maintained, consider the use of face masks.
  • It is recommended that teachers and students not handle the same instrument and teaching materials. When only one instrument is available please limit contact much as possible. In regards to teaching materials, it is recommended that the teacher has a copy of the music to enable viewing of the same piece of sheet music while keeping socially distanced.

4. Cleaning and Disinfection Procedures

  • We recommend the disinfection of instruments, music stands and any other necessary surface with disinfecting wipes prior and following each lesson. As well, when applicable, between subsequent lessons in the same household.