Flute Lessons Toronto

Learning how to play flute is a right of passage that has been passed down from generation to generation. Whether you are a beginner flute student who is interested in learning the basics or a advanced flute student who is interested in trying jazz flute lessons, learning to play the flute is a terrific way of understanding the foundations of all music.

We have been providing flute lessons in Toronto since 2005. Our flute teachers travel to their students homes to provide flute lessons in a comfortable environment. Our flute teachers are all qualified to provide the quality of flute lessons that are neccessary for beginner flute students to learn to play flute successfully. Our flute teachers are happy to customize their flute lessons to the needs of each individual flute student. 

Flute Teachers Toronto

We currently have a terrific team of flute teachers in Toronto. Our flute teachers provide music lessons for kids as well as adults. Our flute teachers have a range of specialities including classical flute lessons, jazz flute lessons, improvisation and RCM examinations.

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Toronto Music

Famous floutists from Toronto

Music has played a very significant role in the cultural development of Toronto. One of the most famous Toronto floutists is Moe Koffman. Moe Koffman remains an inspiration to all young flute students in Toronto.


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