Our Teachers

At Firefly Music Lessons, we are very proud to have a great team of teachers! All prospective Firefly teachers must meet the rigorous standards of our evaluation process, P.R.O.V.E.N

Educated, and 

Firefly teacher will have all the tools they need to conduct a proper lesson. These may include flashcards, tuners/tuning fork, metronome, pen/pencil, manuscript paper, books, notes, etc. Not all of these tools will be necessary for each lesson, but when it is necessary, the PROVEN teacher is prepared.

Firefly teachers always show respect to the families and students that they teach. This means that the teacher is polite and friendly to the student as well as their family members, pets and anyone they encounter while teaching. If the teacher is running late, or unable to teach the lesson at all, they will call the client from a cell phone, or email in advance. By taking off shoes in the client’s home, the teacher will show respect for the home.

Firefly teachers maintain their lesson schedules to make sure they know exactly who they are teaching, and at what time. The teacher is rarely, if ever late for a lesson. The teacher also keeps notes of each students lesson progress in order to design a curriculum for their particular needs. By keeping organized, the teacher’s lessons will be efficiently executed every week.

Firefly Music Lessons takes screening our potential teachers seriously! There are many important factors in the vetting process for Firefly teachers. When sending a teacher to conduct in-home lessons, we are aware that it is very important to be able to trust that person. Each prospective Firefly teacher must go through a criminal background check for the vulnerable sector. No teacher is exempted from this requirement. In addition, each prospective teacher must provide 3 profesional references that are contacted during the hiring process

All Firefly teachers have an extensive musical education. This means a minimum of ten years studying their instrument, as well as a degree or diploma from a post secondary institution. Current Firefly teachers hold degrees or diplomas from institutions such as U of T, WLU, Mohawk College, UWO, as well as international schools in Italy, Moscow, and New Zealand.

Firefly teachers provide excellent service as music educators, but that is not our only goal. We wish to nurture the student as they grow into young adulthood. Music is a great medium in which your child will develop both sides of their brain, as well as developing their social skills. Their music lessons are intended to help them grow and mature in all areas of their lives.

Firefly is proud of our exceptional team of teachers!

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